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Image by Marvin Meyer


Developer: 5d Lab GmbH

Genre: MMO Strategy

Platforms: Browser, Mobile (iOS and Android)

Wack-A-Doo! Is a free2play MMO strategy game for Browser, iOS and Android, where players take control over their own tribe of wild cavemen and compete with other players for domination of the Stone Age.

While in the beginning it’s all about building up their stone age village and training dinosaurs to fell trees and gather stone, soon breaks dawn of the bronze age, and the players send huge armies of club-wielding warriors, stone chuckers and dino cavalry across the dynamically generated world map. They build outposts, take over territories and form clans, together achieving map domination and claiming the victory.

In the tradition of strategy classics like Travian and Tribal Wars, Wack-A-Doo’s strengths lie in its depth and challenging nature, while at the same time putting emphasis on fun and accessibility.


- Dynamically generated world map that adjusts in size to the number of players

- Watch live on the map all players’ activities and troop movements

- Turn-based combat system with tactical depth

- Two eras with different buildings and troops

- Modern, comical graphics

- Dinosaurs - Nothing beats dinosaurs!

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