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Tiny Dragons

Developer: Artifex Mundi

Genre: Match-3 Puzzle Game

Platforms: Android, iOS

Welcome to Tiny Dragons!

Become a Dragon Keeper: summon dragon eggs, beat match-3 levels, rebuild different areas of the dragon city, unveil its story and mysteries it holds!

Meet the Wise Man and a bunch of cute dragons that will help you restore the city to its former glory. What are you waiting for? You are only one step away from becoming a crucial part of a great adventure.


- Hatch new dragons as you progress through the storyline

-  Adjust the dragon city visuals to your liking by choosing the looks of each rebuild structure

- Tend the everyday lives of adorable dragons

-  Different areas of the dragon city, each with unique structures that work in mysterious ways: rainbow mill, balloon port, gold mine and much more

-  A hilarious wise man who is always there to guide and support you

-  A super addicting game!

-  Loads of match-3 levels

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