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Image by Marvin Meyer

Tiles and Tales

Developer: Trillith

Genre: Puzzle RPG

Platforms: Mobile

Tiles & Tales is a free2play Puzzle RPG with a gorgeous moody artwork, set in a marvelous medieval universe that allows gamers to swipe and stack tiles in order to defeat their enemies and save their land from evil monsters.

It’s all about a female hero Lilly, whose kingdom Zanira is attacked by monsters– the Norbolds.

They are attacking and burning down the farms and villages of her kingdom.

Players become more and more powerful by opening treasure chests packed with new items, gold for upgrades and use the healing shrines to restore their health. Players connect to Facebook and compete with friends or they help each other out by sending potions or fate coins for the wheel of fate


- Puzzle game infused with Fantasy RPG elements

- Beginner-friendly tutorial, but hard to master in advanced levels

- Daily and weekly quests

- Hundreds of levels in beautiful and mysterious zones

- Never ending challenges in the endless mode

- Seamless synchronization with Facebook accounts

-Packed with loads of monsters and challenging boss fights

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