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Tasty Tale - Le Gourmet Palace

Developer: Sweet Nitro

Genre: Match-3 Puzzle Game

Platforms: Android, iOS

Miss Tasty, who graduated from a prestigious cooking school, is back in her hometown and wants to give a second youth to the restaurant of the village using her talents as a chef!

Help Miss Tasty in this journey by beating fabulous match 3 levels, full of fruits, cooking utensils and delicious combinations!

From renovating the main room to fixing the kitchen and the grandiose entry of the mansion, to cooking delicious meals, Tasty Tale: Le Gourmet Palace will bring Miss Tasty and you to every corner of the village!


- Colourful Match 3 levels, full of fruits, which will give your talents a great challenge!

-  A variety of cooking utensils (boosters) for countless combinations!

- An amazing story about love for cooking, family and community!

- Meet wonderful characters throughout the story!

Miss Tasty is just waiting for you to start the journey! Don’t wait any longer!

Note: You can download and play Tasty Tale: Le Gourmet Palace for free, although certain in-game items can be purchased for real money.

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