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The Free2Play browser hit Hero Zero breaks 30 million mark

Munich, July 25th 2018 – 31 Million users! The development team of Playata and the game publisher European Games Group could not be more proud. The Free2Play browser hit Hero Zero has surpassed the 30 million users mark! Since its launch in 2012, more than 30 million players have registered worldwide, transforming themselves into absolute superheroes, building successful teams, creating their own hideouts, and together with all their strengths battling evil in the heros’ world. Also the funny Collectible events still bring the superheroes up to speed.

In the past years, players enjoyed extensive new features. The biggest update since the launch of Hero Zero was the Ultimate Hideout feature, which was implemented with the usual attention to detail into the heroic universe. Players are given access to a secret base located below their heroic little house in Humphreydale. At the beginning, the base is an empty space, which is gradually expanded into a full-blown hero’s hideout with various rooms, each with unique and useful effects.

The speed server, which was launched for the first time in 2017, also ran at full speed and was a success across the board. Superheroes were able to work their way up from zero for a limited time, under special speed server conditions, and climb the leaderboards. The most successful players have managed to immortalize their hero name or even entire speed server teams in the official speed server rankings.

Another highlight in superhero history is the league system, which was integrated in 2015 and continues to enjoy great popularity. In each league, superheroes compete with one another in different divisions, each of which can accommodate 100 players. If a fight is won, it moves a certain number of league points from the opponent to the winner’s points account. Once a hero has accumulated enough league points, he moves up to the next league, earning higher bonuses for his basic abilities and better coin rewards in league battles. If a hero makes it to the top 30 of the Superhero League at the end of the season, they may even be rewarded with extra skill points.

In addition, Hero Zero shines over the past months with revised graphics, as well as a relaunch of the mobile version. The mobile version has been completely redesigned and shines with the improved controls and a more polished look. Superheroes can look forward to numerous new features and updates in the future.

About Hero Zero In the free2play browser game Hero Zero, players strive towards being a superhero, take on a range of missions in many different worlds, train their character, and improve their strength to fight against other superheroes and move up the rankings. Every single character can be upgraded individually – meaning there are a number of attributes to be improved such as strength, conditioning, and brain power. The guild system is a must to fight together with other superheroes for world domination! Since launching in January 2012, the humorous online RPG, Hero Zero, has captivated over 30 million registered users! Gamers from all over Europe, North and South America as well as Asia have joined the mission. Hero Zero is a cross-platform game playable over iOS, Android, PC and Facebook.

The Hero Zero-App is available for free in the AppStore as well as in the Google PlayStore and is playable over Facebook or directly on

More exciting information is available on Facebook and Twitter.

For real heroes, the Hero Zero Megastore is available on this link.


About European Games Group AG European Games Group is a specialist for global commercialisation of free2play cross-platform online/mobile games – based in Munich, Germany. Acting as an enabler for games studios, European Games Group works together with independent minded games developers from anywhere in the world to market and scale up their games worldwide. Its current games include the successful cross-platform browser game Hero Zero (by Playata), the cross-platform mobile game Tasty Tale and the fashion mobile game Fancy Tale (by Sublinet) as well as the cross-platform browser game Big Bang Empire (by Playata). Currently, there are more upcoming games in the market-testing stage. For more information please visit

About Playata Playata is a developer for high-quality games that inspire millions of players worldwide. The company was founded in 2009 and published its first browser game “Hero Zero” in 2012, resulting in a huge success. For more information see

Press contact Christine Raufer +49 (0) 89 15985991

European Games Group AG Oberanger 43 D-80331 München

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