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Space Rabbits in Space: Official Steam Release

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Zagreb/Munich, February 19th, 2019 – Today, the Croatian developer team Ventilator Shark and the Munich-based games publisher GamesGroup announce the official release of the award-winning 2D platformer Space Rabbits in Space. After a successful beta phase, the intergalactic Pay2Play title is now available worldwide on Steam.

Space Rabbits in Space is a 2D parkour skill-based platformer adventure about betrayal, speed, hard love, and fun facts. Players take full control of their rabbit through one-hand-only gameplay (on a mouse), trying to find their way out of increasingly difficult, handcrafted levels by jumping and swinging past various obstacles.

In addition, players can race to complete every level as fast as possible, where timing and skills are key to reach the highest ranks. Thanks to the implemented replay system, it is also possible to review the top ten players of each level as well as the player’s own run. Space Rabbits in Space offers a dynamic gaming experience packed in a very amusing presentation where the rabbits are obsessed with speed and sweets and can be dressed up with quirky outfits in exchange for in-game gold.

In the lovingly designed 2D platformer, dying is not all that dramatic because it gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about the Space Rabbits culture.

Space Rabbits in Space received the “Best Indie Game” award at Reboot Developer Conference 2016.

Features at a glance: Online asynchronous multiplayer More than 50 unique, fun and handcrafted levels – more to come. Skin System with quirky outfits Replay system (top 10 players per level… and you) Leaderboards (friends / country / intergalactic) Space Rabbits in Space is available on Steam, at a regular price of $9,99 / £7.19 / € 8,19 Within the next 14 days, players get a whopping 30% release discount on the 2D platformer.


About Ventilator Shark Ventilator Shark is a small (2 developers, 1 dog) independent game studio based in Zagreb, Croatia. Their goal is to create innovative, fun and high-quality games that all intelligent life forms can play. Even they themselves. They love long walks on the beach, holding hands with their significant others, healthy food, boxing, ping-pong and stuff like that. Platonically. Because their days are filled with staring at their monitors, in hunchback sitting positions, creating games or feeding in League of Legends/spamming “What a save!” in Rocket League. For more information visit

About European Games Group AG GamesGroup is a specialist for global commercialisation of free2play cross-platform online/mobile games – based in Munich, Germany. Acting as an enabler for games studios, European Games Group works together with independent minded games developers from anywhere in the world to market and scale up their games worldwide. Its current games include the successful cross-platform browser game Hero Zero (by Playata), the cross-platform mobile game Tasty Tale and the fashion mobile game Fancy Tale (by Sweet Nitro) as well as the cross-platform browser game Big Bang Empire (by Playata). Currently, there are more upcoming games in the market-testing stage. For more information please visit

Press contact Christine Raufer +49 (0) 89 159 859 91

European Games Group AG Oberanger 43 D-80331 München

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