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Legendary Team

Developer: Panteon

Genre: Action RPG

Platforms: Facebook, Mobile

Legendary Team is a free2play Multiplayer-Action-RPG, playable cross-platform via Facebook (Browser), iOS and Android. Players create their individual Legendary Team from a selection of different heroes and abilities to prove their skills in epic battles against the mysterious creatures of this world and their leaders, and also against other players’ legendary teams. Burning deserts, freezing glaciers and haunted gravesites await the players as they battle through five different lands across a huge continent, experiencing action-packed gameplay and a compelling story.

Meanwhile players improve and specialize their heroes’ equipment and skills to duel with friends or unite in guilds, together developing the best tactics and combinations to reach the top of the leaderboard.


-  Fresh gameplay

- Different character classes including warrior, paladin, hunter, wizard, priest

-  A magical world full of mysteries and dangerous monsters

- Challenging PvP and PvE fights

- Each hero has different talents and abilities

- Over 600 weapons and item sets

- Guild system with private chat

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