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Isles of Fire

Developer: Extra Mile Studios


Genre: F2P Multiplayer RPG

Platforms: Android, Mobile

Ever wondered what it feels like to rule a kingdom? To be King or Queen of hundreds of loyal subjects, to build working civilizations, conduct a frenzy of fierce warriors and battle your way to the top? To tame awesome dragons and fight fire with fire?

Isles of Fire lets you to do all of this and more! Conquer the land and become the ruler of many fantastic fantasy islands! To survive you’ll need strategy, skill and strength of will… or simply a hungry dragon at your convenience.

Isles of Fire is an exciting and fresh take on the strategy genre. Recruit and train a multitude of different species of fantasy warrior, build and establish a working civilisation, fight friends in PvP, customise your dragon and learn what it takes to be perfect warlord!

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